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In Just 30-days You'll Eliminate Your Consistency Leaks And Become a Seasoned Tennis Player Because…
If the Ball is NOT in, You Can't Win!
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A recent survey revealed that 90% of tennis players attribute their inconsistent play as one of the main reasons they lose tennis matches.

And you’ll agree with me.

If you can’t put that ball in the court, none of the fancy stuff matters!

The Consistency Course is a unique practice system which will eliminate all your consistency leaks in just 30-days.
Here is how…. 

When you get nervous, you play to the level that you don’t want to play at.

You start making all those silly mistakes:

..You get over-eager and hit deep volleys long
...You are all set to win the point and you overhit - long, wide or into the net
...Or even completely whiff on short ball close to the loss?

The next day, you practice at the court and try to getting back in the groove.

But you know that you are giving yourself FALSE confidence.

Because when you’re going out there and the same mistakes are being repeated!

The pusher you hate the most snatch away easy points. And you have to swallow the harsh pill of an undeserved defeat.

You begin to wonder - “Am I really good enough to play tennis?”.

So, why does your game lack in consistency?

You might be thinking…

It’s probably due to lack of concentration, gamesmanship, breaking bad habits or footwork positioning?

Or maybe, just maybe…your age is acting up, and you are too old to play good tennis?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

Your lack of consistency has nothing to do with your age or physical conditioning.

Your consistency has a lot to do with HOW you PRACTICE.

When you are hitting shots during a practice session, there is zero pressure  on you.

Everything is hit right to you, and you are hitting the ball right in your strike zone. So you get in the groove, and your strokes are picture perfect.

But when you play a match, there is a lot of pressure. And since your brain doesn’t know how to handle the pressure, your game tumbles.

For all these years, you have been practicing the WRONG way. 

And there is something MISSING your practice BECAUSE of which your game suffers. 

So, what's the MISSING PIECE in your practice?

Well, sit tight because the Consistency Course has the answer. 
Consistency Course is a 30-day Structured Practice System That Allows You To Practice Under Pressure
The Consistency Course is THE MISSING LINK in your practice. And it even goes further than that. 

Be it your serve, your forehand, the backhand, the volley or even your strategy, a certain way of practicing yeilds 10x more results than the other. 

And it's not the practice session itself but it is HOW the practice is structured which yields the MOST RESULTS for the SAME practice time. 

The consistency course is STRUCTURED PRACTICE ON steroids. In just 30-days, you'll finally be able to build consistency in the most fun and fascinating way ever. 

Every day is laid out with a different theme you’ll be practicing on.

For example, on a certain day, you’ll be focussing on your serve consistency. Another day you’ll practice on building your single strategy consistency.

Moreover, you’ll keep a scorecard of your performance.

When you keep track of your progress and practicing under pressure, and your numbers are going up. 

You will see that you’re more consistent when you leave the tennis court for the day. 
In this program, you will work on systematically eliminating the following 17 consistency leaks:
1. Footwork Leaks
2. Strategy Leaks
3. Court Position Leaks
4. Mental Toughness Leaks
5. Focus Leaks
6. Physical Conditioning Leaks
7. Training Leaks
8. Racket Head Awareness Leak
9. Spacing Leak
10. Volley Leaks
11. Shot Selection Leaks
12. Topspin Forehand Leaks
13. Topspin Backhand Leaks
14. Slice Backhand Leaks
15. Approach Shot Leaks
16. Serve Leaks
17. Overhead Leaks
Here is How Practicing Under Pressure Actually Works...
For every challenge or drill, you keep the score of your performance. 

And If you don’t succeed in the stroke or didn't fulfill a certain performance benchmark, you’re given a physical challenge to perform.

So, when you screw up or don’t complete your task, you know that you’ve got to do jumping jacks or lashes, or pushups or whatever it’s there for that session.

This 30-day tennis practice system is designed to build the “right kind” of pressure environment. It isn't too harsh and it isn't too soft. 

And it's the kind of pressure which simply makes you feel great and MOTIVATES you to PERFORM at your BEST. 

Everyday feels challenging and simply awesome. 
The reason why this program works is because it mimics the kind of pressure you’ll experience during a real match!
And there are no secrets to a great performance.

When you start applying some pressure to your practice, you start developing an attitude to perform under pressure.

You also realize that - 'Hey when I don’t succeed in jumping jacks that’s not the end of the world”.

You always have it in your mind - “I don’t want to fail.” And then you’re thinking ‘Oh! I've got this punishment.

And when you realize the punishment isn’t so terrible, then you learn to GET COMFORTABLE with PRESSURE.
For a moment, think about a match you lose... 
When you’re out there in a match, it becomes the most important thing in the world. 

And if you lose, all of a sudden you feel like your whole world is falling apart. Whereas ten minutes after the match you realize nothing has in your life. You still have the same family, the people you like still love you, people who don’t want you still don’t want you. Everything is just the same.

The match was not as important as you made it up in your head.

And so you've got all this anxiety for no reason at all because you are in a match. And all of us are guilty of doing this, including me. We put way too much mental effort in thinking about the consequences which keep us from performing at our peak level.

The Consistency Course will help you EASE up those HARD feelings and make you really feel COMFORTABLE and  RELAXED in PRESSURE SITUATIONS. 

And guess what? When you aren't feeling the pressure, where does it go?

Well you're right, the pressure SHIFTS on your OPPONENT. 
You’ll Accomplish More In These 30-days Than in 30-Months 
The Course Will Help You Develop Consistency in the Nine Key Areas of Your Game:
1. Serve Consistency
The first thing we're going to do on day one is we're going to establish your balance. 

So it’s going to be about really gaining your balance, the control of your toes, feeling the spin come off your racket.

Various drills and challenges will help you develop consistent racket head speed, getting a consistent swing and a constant body movement.
2. Footwork Consistency
The most significant consistency leak is people get too close to the ball. 

We're going to go through drills to improve your spacing and footwork.

We're going to go through exercises to strengthen your spacing, and one of the favorite drills that we do is called the measuring stick where you use your off hand at the forehand as a measuring stick.

Many people blow the easy approach shot, and they think, “how can I miss such an easy shot.”

Hitting short balls consistently is all about reading the ball early and having precise footwork in a rhythm where you come up and not have to think about putting the ball away.

You’ll learn how to get to a short ball at a rhythm and where you should be moving right through the shot.
3. Serve Plus Forehand or Backhand 
In tennis matches, the average play is only four shots.

Most people miss the first four shots. So many people they either practice their serve or their groundstrokes.

And when you practice them together, you get into the rhythm of a point. So if you can serve and consistently make three balls and you’re going to win a lot of matches.
4. Slice Serve Consistency
Defense is a valuable weapon at the recreational level than offense.

The slice serve a great way to reset the point. You’ll learn how to hit a consistent slice serve that stays low, goes over the net and skids ground through the court.

So, you can hit a shot that is very difficult for your opponent to attack.
5. Forehand Consistency 
Developing a consistent forehand involves having a deep awareness of your a racket head. 

You’ll also work on improving your cross-court Forehand consistency using a vareity of drills and challenges. 
6. Backhand Consistency
You’ll practice routine to master your backhand consistency which includes having a consistent topspin with your backhand and developing a consistent double-handed backhand. 
7. Volley Consistency (Forehand and Backhand)  
When you are at the net you've got to be a sharpshooter up there and put the ball away because you’re in a very vulnerable position.

We’ll go through ultimate drills to help you set up your first volley. So, you've got your opponent in a checkmate position, and you can just put the easy volley away.

It’s all about deepening your understanding of where you are on the court how your feet have specifically, so you get back to the neutral position as efficiently as possible.
8. Singles Strategy Consistency 
If you are not winning consistent points using a proven formulae in your singles match, you are going to love this. 

You will learn the Andre Agassi blueprint. 

With the Andre Agassi blueprint, you’ll hit the best groundstrokes, play very simple and win consistent points.
9. Doubles Strategy Consistency 
Most people who play doubles don’t get a great workout. 

You’ll see some great exercises for doubles player specifically to build up your endurance, cardio and leg strength.
Consistency Course Will Cause a Breakthrough in Your Game by Helping You Get Rid of The “Nervousness Syndrome” And Enabling You to Perform Under Pressure! 
Imagine, you’re playing against a tough opponent, and you’ve given a big fight. It’s the match point, and you are literally in a do or die situation.

How do you perform under pressure? and hit the winning stroke?

The consistency course will prepare you for THIS defining moment.

Whether it’s an ATP tennis tournament or local league match, the only way champions stand out is they perform under pressure.

When you follow the system outlined in this course, you’ll be prepared to perform against the toughest opponent and even pushers. I share specific strategies to beat pushers at their own game. 

Come what may, you’ll never lose the match because you couldn’t handle your nerves.

Are you ready for the adventure?
The Consistency Course comes with 22 drills and routines organized in a systematic 30-day practice schedule:
1. Rhythm, Timing, and Focus Drills - The most important drills you can perform at the start of a match to instantly connect your mind and body

2. Split Over the Net and In Excercise - An incredibly simple and powerful exercises to build the rhythm in your game.

3. Forehand Spacing Drill - Forehand jam is a major problem especially when the ball is hit on the right. Discover a super simple and straightforward drill to avoid the forehand jam.

4. Service Consistency Drill - These are a series of drills designed to build up your serve confidence in a match.

5. The #1 Drill in the World - Do you lack confidence in your serve? Do you double fault consistently? Do you struggle to feel the ball off your strings? If your answer is yes, then this drill is knock-off these doubts out of the park.

6. The Serve Consistency Balance Drill - The huge reason why people miss serve for no reason at all is your ability to be balanced after you hit the serve. This drill will take your serve consistency off the chart.

7. One Hander Backhand Consistency Drill - This one hander back-end drill will give you more consistency and topspin.

8. Forehand Consistency Drill - This fun and fascinating drill will show you how to fix your consistency leaks on the forehand.

9. Backhand Slice Drill - The backhand slice is a tough shot to hit consistently. This drill will allow you to master knifing the ball and staying in control with the ball, every single time.

10. One Hand Backhand Consistency Drill - If you are making consistent mistakes in the one-handed backhand, this video will show you the drill to fix it once and for all.

11. The Cross-court Forehand Drill - How to consistently hit forehand across the court

12. Multi-directional Footwork Consistency Drill - If you complain about having issues with Footwork, this drill is at your rescue. Simple practice it for at least 2-weeks and you’ll start building better footwork awareness.

13. Warm up Consistency Drill - In this video Matt and I show you a simple warm-up drill which will immediately bring rhythm before starting any match.

14. Mini Court Point Play Consistency Drills (Andre Agassi Blueprint) - Most people are in the habit of going out there and simply banging balls? They don’t go into the rhythm of what it’s like to play the match. This drill will show you how to get into the rhythm of your game using the Andre Agassi Blueprint.

15. Picture perfect Alley Rally - Develop consisted topspin from your double-handed backhand.

16. Baseline Point Play Consistency Drills - Are you consistently missing shots in the baseline? This drill will help master your baseline point play.

17. Picture Perfect Consistency Drill - We call it the mother of all drills. You got to experience it yourself and discover why it’s called so.

18. Mr. Flatfoot vs. Mr. Footwork Drill - Another footwork drill to help you get rid of the nagging issues with your footwork and spacing.

19. Float Fire Low Volley Drill - A surprisingly simple yet effective drill to master low volleys.

20. Tootsie Role Challenge - A fun challenge which will let you count the chances it will take you to make forty balls. The fewer chances you take, the better you are.

21. The Envelop Drill: Every player has their envelope, we talked about pushing the envelope in that, you want to keep pushing the envelope a day. And the more you can push the envelope and make your number higher the better player you’re going to be.

22. The Best Consistency Warm up in the World: This drill will help you bring your focus on the ball, your footwork, your field work and your racket.
Every day, you’ll practice one or more drills and watch your consistency go one level up! 
The course is filled with non-top action and excitement. Here are some more fun drills you’ll practice during the course of 30-days:
1. Pete’s Bounce Hit Drill
2. Pete’s Over The Net and In Drill
3. Matt’s Tootsie Roll Challenge
4. The Six Types of Return of Serve Footwork Patterns
5. No Man’s Land Volley Drill
6. Triangle All Up Volley Drill
7. One up one back triangle drill
8. Romanian Volley Drill
9. Cross Court Triangle Drill
10. Monkey in the Middle Drill
11. Doubles Midcourt Footwork Drills for More Consistent Play
12. Midcourt Leg Drive Volley Drill
13. Moon Ball Challenge
14. Focus and Concentration Exercises
15. Split Step Over the Net and In Drill
16. The Matrix Focus Drill
17. Serve Plus 3 Backhand Drill
18. The Matrix Focus Drill
19. Volley Consistency Wall Drills
20. Warm Up on the Wall
21. Eyeball Exercises
22. High Negative to High Positive
23. The Sunny Day Tennis Player
24. In Between Point Rituals
25. Volley Setup and Box Drill
"The joy of finishing a challenge and the feeling of accomplishment can be tremendous confidence boosters"
This Course Allows You To Become Your Own Tennis Doctor. Here is How...
Fun and Informative Tennis Quizzes Accelerate your Self-learning
There is a old chinese proverb:

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "

The Consistency Course is all about teaching you how to "CATCH THE FISH"!

There are so many students I've taught for years when they make the same mistake, and I ask them - “why did you miss that shot,” and they will tell me - “I don’t know!”.

If you’re out there and you analyzing what’s happening you’re going to be able to correct those, then you know the secret to your own Tennis success. 

That's what these quizzes will do for you. 

The quizzes are a powerful learning tool to help you navigate through your mistakes and teach you how to fix them yourself.

For example, if it’s about your serve, you’ll be asked - ‘hey, why did you miss the serve,' and you’ll pick an option.

Likewise, every drill has a corresponding quiz which will allow you to  diagnose the root of the problem yourself.

And you'll be your own Tennis Doctor!
We’ve Included ‘Never Released Before’ Bonus Tips And Techniques To Fix Your Consistency Leaks ($297 Value)

BONUS #1: The Volley Consistency Tip to Master Racket Head Awareness

The one little technique which will increase your volley consistently on the forehand and the backhand. 

BONUS #2: The 3 Types of Volleys to Master

 The Set-Up, The Trap Volley, and the Put-Away. Common technical mistakes people make that results in inconsistent volleys and how to fix all three types of volleys once and for all.

BONUS #3: Two-hand Backhand Consistency Tips: Grips, Preparation, and Swing

The little know grip technique which will allow more topspin from a double-handed backhand You also discover the best way to grip the racquet for a consistent backhand. 

BONUS #4: Double Hander Backhand Leaks: 

In this video, I’ll personally show you all the leaks double handers make and how to prevent them.

BONUS #5: How to stay focused Every Single Point

Whether you win a point or lose one, you're either high positive or a negative state of mind. You’re rarely in a neutral mental state. However, once you achieve a neutral mental state, you play with much more freedom and confidence. In this training, you will practice the drills to remain in a neutral mental state all the time.

BONUS #6: Singles Strategy - How to Dismantle the Pusher

Everybody hates pushers but the reality is - they tend to get away even with a bad technique. No more. With this single strategy, you're going to beat pushres in their own game. Instead of you, they will be under pressure to hit the ball and you'll beat them to their own game. 

BONUS #7: Doubles Strategy - How to Defeat Poachers and Lobbers

If you want to defeat the pochers and loabbers, then this ground breaking doubles strategy is your best kept secret. 
Thousands of Players Worldwide Testify CrunchTime Coaching to be the GOLD Standard in Tennis Instructions. Let’s Hear From A Few...

"I have to say that of all the coaches I knew (I am 69 years old) you are unequalled and by far."

Crunch Time Coaching Member

"Hi Peter! Just a quick greeting to say hello and how much I appreciate your style and teaching techniques and being a fellow lefty is icing on the cake for me. Thank you Sir! "

Crunch Time Coaching Member

"Peter I just want to start off by saying thank you. I have really enjoyed watching the videos you have been posting on YouTube for awhile. Your analysis and directions help explain some of the problems I was having when playing matches, or trying out different shots for tennis. This helped get me signed up for several of your previous courses on Then you out do yourself with the Thrive 45 program here recently. I got hooked on watching the feeds from periscope that I purchased this course and have already started implementing some of the programs in my game. Whether it is in warm-up, getting in better shape, or strageties I am hooked.. Just when I thought I was done you put out this legends course. I don't really know what to say... I am excited to get into the course and start right away. So sorry for the rambling, but in short thanks for all your information you are passing on. I can't wait to see my game improve to the point where my opponents are sweating and struggling from my game and not this Texas heat. Looking forward to tomorrow night doubles strageties."

Patrick Alexander
Crunch Time Coaching Member

"Peter hi I really liked your 1st kick serve video. It's the first time I have heard the expression "hang time" when talking about the serve. I played most of my professional career in Italy and we played mostly on clay. The kick serve is a great serve on clay, especially when serving to the add court. I see on the pro circuit now that there aren't too many women that use the kick serve because they don't have enough strength to get the penetration they need to bother their opponents. I work with juniors and the kick serve is great in the beginning because it offers the safety they need not to hit double faults, but when they get to a certain level they need to make sure they also have a normal topspin power 2nd serve. I rambled on a little too much, but i just wanted to share some of the problems that I deal with every day. Again, congratulations on your great work."

Crunch Time Coaching Member
Ultimately, You’ll be able to play consistent but aggressive tennis because if the ball is not IN, you can't WIN! 
  • Start hitting better quality shots
  •  Minimize bad shot selection and maximize high percentage play 
  •  Consistently hit the ball with proper placement 
  •  Never be afraid to attack short balls 
  •  Build an unbreakable kinetic chain on your serve for smoother power  
  •  Hit difficult strokes with relative ease  
  •  Never worry about controlling your nerves 
  •  Learn to hit defensive volleys and offensive overheads 
  •  Stop making unforced errors  
  •  Stop rushing the point and trying to hit a winner too soon
  •  Keeping the ball in play until there is an opening so you can hit a winner or force an error
  •  Master the combination of good footwork and timing and post-shot reaction 
  •  Start a point routine with a clear intention 
  •  “put away” an overhead while remaining consistent
  •  Swing the same way every time 
Finally, here is something which will make buying this course a "no-brainer"
When you buy the Consistency Course today, you receive one of our favorite tennis courses - Solo Shots ($97 value) absolutely FREE. 
What is Solo Shots?
Solo Shots is a Do-it-Yourself 30-Day Practice System Guaranteed to Improve Your Groundstrokes! And it's a great companion of the Consistency Course.
Building your game can be exciting, but it also can be overwhelming. In my long career as a Tennis coach, I’ve seen thousands of players come to the court without a plan and leave the court with a sad feeling. 

To become a great tennis player, you need two things: 
1) A clearly defined goal 
2) clear plan to get you there

Solo Shots is a program with a goal to improve your groundstrokes and a systematic practice plan to get you there. It's a PERFECT companion course to have along with your Consistency Course. 

Over the next 30-days, we are going to fun and systematized tennis journey. It’s a journey that has a crystal clear destination - taking your groundstrokes to the next level. 

There is no spinning the wheel. Every time you walk into the gate to play tennis, you'll exactly know what to do from start to finish on that day. And when you get out of the gate, and you leave the court, you’ll be a better player than the day before. 
  •  Develop consistency and depth
  •  Play winning shots on auto-pilot
  •  Improve your shot selection
  •  Create more spin variety
  •  Build your confidence
  •  Measure your success
What’s included in Solo Shots?
  •  30 Days of Step by Step Video Instruction
  •   The Solo Shots 45 Page Drill Book
  •   30 Day Print Out Schedule
  •   Daily Motivation Emails
A good practice session will never go out of style and always keep you sharp. And the Solo Shots will prepare your groundstrokes reach an unprecedented level of confidence!
NEW BONUS: Second Serve Confidence Course
When it comes to mastering the second serve this course is your one stop shop practice system
If you have struggled with Second Serve Confidence I want you to know, you are in the right place, at the right time! 

I have taken all my years of coaching experience, all my breakthrough teaching methods, and developed a Complete Training System for mastering the second serve.
Here is what this course has done for Tennis players just like you:

1. Chronic double faulters have molded their second serve into a thing of beauty.
2. Tennis players who were terrified of changing to the continental grip finally took that successful leap of faith.
3. The worst players at the Club started to finally win games, then sets, matches, and go onto state championships.
Inside this course, you'll discover valuable gems to master your second serve:
  •  Chapter 1: Conquering the Contact Challenge $19.99 Value
  •  Chapter 2: How to Master the Kick Serve Step by Step $37 Value
  •  Chapters 3 and 4: Mastering Slice $37 Value
  •  Chapters 5,6,7,8 Preparation Phase, Stance Fundamentals, and Free Swinging Serves $37 Value
  •  Chapter 9: Trouble Shooting Serve Bottlenecks $29 Value
  •  Chapters: 10 and 11 TTM Practice Drills and What to Do When you Feel Defeated $9.99 Value
  •  Chapters 12, 13, and 14 Mental Mastery: Developing Rituals, Winning habits, and Control of your thoughts $47 Value
  •  Chapter 15: The Venus and Serena Fence Drill $12.95 Value
  •  Chapter 16, 17, 18, 19: Pressure Cooker Drills $37 Value
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When You Buy The Consistency Course Today, You're Also Getting Solo Shots And Second Service Confidence as Special Gifts. This is My Way Of Saying THANK YOU For Your Overwhelming Support and Response to This Course!
Wow! This Means You Are Getting THREE Powerful Courses for the Price of ONE 

“Start Finishing Strong” or Your Money Back

This Course is Backed by Our “Start Finishing Strong” Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee. 

This means, after practicing these drills and exercises, if you’re still missing the mark and losing matches, we take that responsibility upon us.
Just drop me an email at crunchtimecoaching@gmail saying “I am not finishing strong,” and I’ll give you 100% money back. No questions asked.
The reason why I am so confident about this course is because every drill in this course is designed to take your consistency to the next level.
And even ONE CONSISTENCY drill has the power to plug the biggest hole in your game and transform your experience of playing Tennis forever.

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Once Again, Here is Everythyng You’re Getting...
  • 47 Drills and Routines to Master Every Aspect of Your Consistency
  • 7 Bonus Videos ($297 value) to Fix your Consistency Leaks
  • Solo Shots Course ($97 value)
  • All Videos are compatible with your Smartphone, iPad or Computer
  • Download and take them to the court
  • “Start Finishing Strong” Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Get FREE Lifetime Access to the T.O.P. Club Elite Training Group
P.S. - If you’re on the fence whether or not this course will deliver up to the promise, then give it a try and if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, simply drop me an email at and you’ll receive 100% money back. No questions asked.
WINNER of The RAFFLE:  Congrats 
Ray Rozema you have WON Lifetime Access to Our Entire Crunch Time Coaching Training Library
About Peter Freeman
For the last 30 years, Peter’s unparalleled talents as a tennis coach have helped thousands of players go from rookie to a respected tennis player. 

Peter is a USPTA Elite Professional with the highest level of testing certification. Pete has worked with some of the top names in the tennis industry. He has coached under Tony Palafox, who was John McEnroe’s former coach, and Frank Brennan former Stanford University Coach who won 10 national titles.

He has worked with some of the games greatest legends...Rod Laver John Newcombe, and Roy Emerson.
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